Webinar: Baltic States – opportunities for UK automotive

Last week, the webinar “Baltic States – opportunities for the UK automotive”, organized by SMMT, took place online. Speakers from three Baltic countries made presentations about the automotive sector and the actual situation. Lithuania was represented by four speakers: Giedrius Valuckas, the Chairman of BACC; Darius Lasionis, the CEO of BACC; Laurynas Jokužis, the CEO of Elinta Motors, UAB, Alvydas Naujėkas, the CEO of Vėjo projektai: e-buses Dancer producer.
Giedrius Valuckas presented economic and business environment in the Baltic countries as well as all the advantages of manufacturing, and perspectives of the automotive sector.
Valuckas emphasized that the economy of 3 Baltic countries were recovering fast despite the lingering pandemic. Baltic countries have perfect infrastructure and due to the favorable location perfectly serves Northern, Western and Eastern European markets. The Baltic countries could be a manufacturing and logistic hub which has great potential for business connections between the UK, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
Due to strong engineering and technical skills, multicultural environment and rapid development Baltic states become interesting partner to develop manufacturing projects.
Darius Lasionis presented the BACC cluster and its activities. He emphasized that Lithuania was rated among TOP 10 in the world and TOP 5 in Europe in terms of its attractiveness for global manufacturing. The CEO also presented the services and products that BACC companies can provide to partners in the UK. Lasionis discussed about the international companies which have been successfully operating in Lithuania for many years.
We believe in fruitful cooperation between the UK and Baltic companies in the automotive sector.