Automotive meetings – Digital week

This week, Giedrius Valuckas, the Chairman of the Board of BACC and Darius Lasionis, Executive Director of the BACC, participated in a virtual conference “Automotive meetings – Digital week” and B2Bmeetings. During the conference, G. Valuckas presented Lithuanian/Baltic Automotive market, BACC cluster, companies activities and competitive advantages. D. Lasionis and G. Valuckas also had B2B meetings with various automotive OEM and TIER1 companies.

Lithuanian Automotive companies successfully withstood the COVID-19 pandemic and the amount of orders the 1Q in 2021 have significantly increased compared to 2020. Automotive companies – BACC members are developing new products and services. Lithuania and the Baltic States are being “discovered” due to their well-developed infrastructure, good geographical location connecting the markets of Eastern, Northern and Western countries, available engineering competencies and competitive environment. 

We believe that new business partners will find suppliers – BACC companies and start developing common projects