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Lithuania has rich traditions in engineering, mechanical and automotive sectors. The country is located in the very attractive geographical location between Western, Northern and Eastern Europe and has all needed engineering skills and competencies, which rising every year. Those are the main reasons for German companies to be interested in possible cooperation with Lithuania.

G. Valuckas, president of Lithuanian Free Economic Zones, talked about the most important investment possibilities in Lithuania. Our country is one of the most attractive countries for doing business on a global scale. Lithuania is in the 11th place among 190 other countries in world. The talent labour is large and the geographical situation is attractive, too. G. Valuckas sees many ways for possible cooperation between two countries’ manufacturing sectors and continues to work on it.

D. Lasionis, CEO of BACC, talked about the Lithuanian automotive production and enjoyed the most favourable conditions for growth. D. Lasionis presented the latest achievements and the electric vehicle technologies developed in Lithuania with intentions to find possible cooperation in the Automotive sector in Germany.

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