A very important cooperation

We are pleased with the fruitful cooperation among the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation,  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Enterprise Lithuania and BACC member-companies.

BACC member-companies initiate meetings with the Ministry’s vice-ministers,commercial attaches and make proposals. BACC members share information on current events, thoroughly describe the situation in the companies and make proposals regarding support measures for the business community.

BACC member-companies closely cooperate with LINPRA, the Lithuanian Engineering Industries Association, seeking ways to make effective use of the technological capabilities of companies in the sector.

BACC companies organise events bringing members together, share insights into the current economic situation, exchange information about the effects of COVID-19 and consult on various strategic decisions. In the face of today’s uncertain situation, this cooperation becomes even more important, because only by consulting together can the best all-round solutions be found.