UAB “SLT Industrial Components”: production of breathing air cylinders

UAB “SLT Industrial Components”, which operates in Biržai, searching for solutions to produce air cylinders that have recently been in high demand for pulmonary ventilation and anaesthesia what also saves jobs due to decreased needs in automotive sector.
The target is 90,000 units worth of air cylinders per week. At present, the company manufactures 0.5l, 1l and 3l capacity air cylinders. It plans to increase its capacity and dedicate over 20 people for this project. Each shift trains 2 new people, who would have been responsible for the manufacture of other products at the company previously. “We would like to run continuous operations 24/7,” says the Director, Mr Variakojis. The head of the company stresses that with the US automotive industry entering a slowdown, established brands are urgently ramping up their efforts to start or have already started manufacturing pulmonary ventilation equipment for this country suffering from the pandemic. UAB “SLT Industrial Components”, which operates in Biržai, will also attempt to meet the demand for this kind of equipment both in the USA and across Europe.

Until recently, UAB “SLT Industrial Components” has been manufacturing parts for a variety of industries, including the medical industry. The company supplies its products to a Swedish company, Nolato MediTor, which in turn caters for 25% of the global market of breathing air cylinders.